We at Burritos Anonymous believe that happiness goes through the stomach. That is why every day we are busy to give you the optimal happiness in the form of our delicious burritos.

The combination of fresh healthy vegetables, delicious rice, crispy beans, melted cheese and a soft flour tortilla make our burritos irresistible. But, it doesn’t stop there! A burrito meal is of course not complete without some tortilla chips with sour cream and hot sauce, this is included with every order!

Street food in Amsterdam of the highest level, that’s what you get at Burritos Anonymous!

What kind of burritos do we serve?

The burritos come with chicken, beef, minced meat, pulled pork or a vegan variant, all equally delicious! In addition to the burritos, we also have delicious hot sauces in our shop on Zeeburgerstraat 4 and what about our homemade guacamole, fresher than fresh!

It is important to reflect on how we do our business and how we contribute to the world. We do our best to use the best sustainable alternatives where possible.


We have several initiatives that help with this:

Cardboard straws, we don’t do plastic!

Biodegradable paper bags

No food waste!

All material used can be recycled

All systems are digital to reduce the paper usage


Earth is important to us and that is why we try to leave the smallest possible imprint on it. We also continue to innovate and think about how we can do even better in the future!


If you have any tips / suggestions as to how we can contribute even more to this, we would be happy to hear from you. Feedback is always welcome!